Philosophy & Purpose of the ONU Intercollegiate Athletics Program


Ohio Northern University supports a well-regulated, balanced program of intercollegiate athletics for men and women.

The athletic program is a source of pride for the university and builds camaraderie for and between students, faculty, staff, and administration and to various constituencies within and outside the community. The spirit and enthusiasm that is created by a successful athletic program is a significant contributor to the quality of life on the campus. 

As is supported by the NCAA Division III Philosophy, the intercollegiate athletics program shall be administered within the mission of Ohio Northern University and will be a contributing supporter of that mission.

Competition is expected to be on a level which is comparable and challenging for the student-athletes participating in the 23 men’s and women’s sports. Student-athletes can expect well-organized programs, qualified coaches and administrators, top-notch facilities and game equipment and uniforms that are in excellent shape for use.  The athletics program will strive to reflect the excellence of the University in every way possible.


The purpose of the intercollegiate athletics program at Ohio Northern is to provide the following educational experiences:

  1. To support and broaden modern education.
  2. To expose and educate students in legitimate methods of good sportsmanship, in the meaning of wholesome competition, and in the will to win.
  3. To serve as a laboratory for the professional approach of those interested in health, physical education, coaching, athletic training, exercise physiology and sport management as a career.
  4. To supply wholesome recreation for the student-athletes and general student population.
  5. To provide a focus for the interest of students, faculty, administration, and alumni. The intercollegiate athletics program is advised by the Committee on Athletics of the University faculty.


Ohio Northern University places the highest priority on the overall quality of the educational experience. The athletic program aims to reflect this same commitment to quality in all athletic endeavors. As a part of the University community, ONU Athletics seeks to strengthen the integration of objectives and programs in athletics with academic and developmental objectives campus-wide. The ONU athletic program is committed to gender equity, cultural diversity and the values of good sportsmanship and personal integrity.

Ohio Northern University places particular emphasis on the positive impact of intercollegiate athletic participation on the student-athlete. Externally, the University values the outreach benefits of a successful athletic program on the campus community and the general public.

The Athletic Program is characterized by the following:

  1. Participating is encouraged by maximizing the number and variety of athletic opportunities in varsity, club and intramural sports.
  2. Participants receive the same treatment as other students. There are no privileges in admission, financial aid, academic advising, grading, or living accommodations. Student-athletes going into competition season are permitted to schedule 24 hours in advance of their assigned time, as is permitted in the Faculty Handbook. This allows for the opportunity to miss fewer classes while representing the University in intercollegiate competition.
  3. The athletic programs are controlled, financed and staffed through the same general procedures as other departments of the University.
  4. Athletic teams will be given equal emphasis with respect to the desired quality of competition in all sports. In reference to student-athlete interest, no programs are downgraded or given special status.
  5. Student-athletes are supported in their efforts to reach high levels of performance by providing them with adequate facilities, competent coaching and appropriate competitive opportunities with student-athletes from similar institutions.
  6. Primary emphasis is given to in-season competition. Exceptional teams and individuals are encouraged and supported in post-season competition.
  7. The Department of Athletics embraces the Division III Philosophy of the NCAA.

Basic Principles of the Department of Athletics

  1. The Department of Athletics shall be managed and organized in step with the best interests of the University and the students thereof. At no time are the interests of the Department of Athletics a priority over the best interests of the University.
  2. Student-athletes shall be full-time enrolled students, making satisfactory progress toward a degree.
  3. All professional personnel involved in administrating or supervising athletic activities shall be contracted employees of the University. This includes full time faculty/staff, part-time coaches, graduate assistants, volunteer coaches and student-coaches.
  4. The intercollegiate athletics program shall be integrated into the overall campus community, as a contributing part of the educational experience for all students of the University.
  5. Intercollegiate athletic activities shall be consistent at all times with the sound principles of education and in keeping with the spirit and the rules of the NCAA and the OAC.
  6. The athletic program shall strive for excellence in the same manner as any representative department or group within the University.